If you shout from the rooftops that you don’t fall into the bottomless pit of zodiac posts on Instagram from time to time, I’d say you’re intentionally hiding the truth. You don’t believe in that, you tell yourself, and you read them “just for fun”. 
But you start to scroll and scroll almost unceasingly through them, only to later realise that you’ve wasted a good chunk of time reading about the signs that “lowkey love drama”, and even if it’s hard to admit, you get a little spark of joy when you swipe and find the slide which says that the Cancer is a great match for the Capricorn. I know, I know, me neither. I did a reading into the constellations of Instagram, and by large, the profiles aligned quite well in the predictions, except for a few in the retrograde.

That being said, take the following article with a grain of salt, take no offense, and read it just for fun. *wink*


It is said about you that you are energetic, always looking for new challenges and adventures, and you hardly take any break. Phew, I’m getting tired just by reading this, Aries. But it’s who you are, so you need sneakers that won’t let you down… and keep in step with you! Got it? 😉 (I’ll show myself out).


Taureans are reliable, strong and persistent, and appreciate comfort but also style. You explore and discover the world through your senses and appreciate everything that incites them – from smell and taste, to sight and touch. And sneakers can’t be less than that. They must be the perfect compromise between comfort and style, and their design should awaken your senses.


You are a very good communicator and are stimulated by intelligent conversations. You always find the right words and hit others with clever and witty replies. You need sneakers that exude personality and expressivity, that make a statement and “speak for themselves” – that say everything before you even start talking.


You are characterized as loving, family-oriented, caring and protective of others. You have a profound sensitivity, which can make you quite vulnerable. But these sneakers, which combine all these qualities, also act like a case that protects you and keeps you in your comfort zone.


We say it like it is: you like to shine and be the center of attention. And your sneakers must be impeccable and be suitable for the attraction with which you hypnotize everyone around you. After all, they are an extension of your personality and should make you feel good. But that doesn’t mean you’re superficial, especially when you have such a big, loving heart.


Regarding Virgos, some characteristics come to mind (from first-hand experience, in this case) including practicality, critical thinking, rationality but also an exquisite taste. You are not superficial at all, but you are rather sophisticated: you appreciate a clean and classy look. And we have sneakers just like that: sophisticated and classy.


Libras stand true to their nature and are the embodiment of their strongest feature: that of maintaining peace. You do not like confrontation and want every person to be happy and reconciled. As for the appearance, it is something you do care about, but not that it would be very necessary because you tend to be charming and charismatic in any circumstance. Instagram also tells me that you struggle with decision-making, so I made the job easier for you and I already chose a few sneakers.


When it comes to Scorpios, their dominant trait is authenticity (I promise that’s not from the ‘Gram either). You are brave in a way that you are not afraid to be exactly who you are, and you know very well what you want. For Scorpios, things are either white or black, all or nothing.


Sagittarians need enthusiasm, freedom, independence and adventure. These are targets that are quite difficult to match with sneakers, but don’t worry, because I also found the perfect sneakers for you.


Caps are hardworking, they appreciate work, are not afraid of responsibility and are a good leader. And exactly because you’re so dedicated to work, you agree that you deserve a proper reward, so you don’t look back when it comes to investing in clothes and especially sneakers.


Originality is the main feature in your case. And besides that, there is also creativity, a dose of nonconformism and an open mind that pushes you to the most fantastic ideas and adventures. Not many sneakers are according to the characteristics of this sign, but those that are, represent them 100 %.


Sensitivity dominates the wheel of characteristics presented by the sign of Pisces. And it is beautifully nuanced in perfect doses by other traits such as creativity, intuition and the need for expression, which result in a rather rare combination. And when it comes to sneakers, “rare” is the key word: sneakers from limited collections, but which carry a serious dose of personality.

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