Tank Tops

If there is one piece that no girl should miss in her wardrobe, it's a nice and stylish top. And it doesn't matter if you prefer to wear loose shirts and pants, or if you prefer to keep things more casual. Crop tops and tops come in a variety of cuts, colors, and lengths. It's a summer must-have. Not sure how to wear a crop top? Here's some advice! It's great with your favorite denim skirt, mom jeans, or baggy jeans. Don't be afraid of loose cuts either. They're quite trendy right now, and they really suit every body type.At Footshop, you can choose from basic crop tops to spaghetti strap tops from brands like Nike, adidas, or Calvin Klein Jeans.Didn't pick anything? We have a TIP for you. If you've got a favorite t-shirt in your wardrobe that's too long and you don't wear it, or you prefer the men's T-Shirt category, just cut the shirt to your desired crop top length. It's sustainable, and you'll enjoy your new piece even more! Just be careful. Once you start altering your clothes, you'll be upcycling everything in your closet.

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