Footshop x Petra Ptáčková

Petra Ptáčková belongs to the big names of Czech fashion but she's also known internationally. Her narrative aesthetics, unconventional approach to processing, and combining new techniques with traditional ones opened the door to the Asian and American markets, with important concept stores popularizing her products. After the first FTSHP x PP collab with the zero-waste collection Home comes a second one. 3D shaped zero-waste face masks were created with a special technology where PP deals with the creation of her own materials and at the same time sets the properties, functionality, and appearance ideal for a specific product. In connection with the development of progressive textiles, PP also works with interactive elements that are incorporated in a sophisticated form directly into clothing, but also as 3D objects for her conceptual artwork, in which she participates in large projects outside the fashion industry. We can see her upcoming project at, among others, the Innovation Week in Prague in the coming weeks.

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