Converse trainers, Converse sneakers, Converse canvas shoes, or simply Converse - call them however you want, they are the one and only! What is important is that this brand came on the market as early as 1908 as the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, which ranks Converse shoes as sneakers with the longest and, possibly, the richest history. A century in the sign of Converse and the birth of Chuck Taylor A man whose name is far from unknown to those who wear Converse today contributed to the great boom of the Converse sneakers. His name was Chuck Taylor. He was a basketball player who came to the store at the time, saying that his canvas shoes were too tight and that they were causing him pain. At that time, he couldn’t have known just great the effect the Converse shoes would have in the future. At one point, he agreed with the brand to become its ambassador. He significantly contributed to the modernisation of the classic high silhouette of the Converse sneaker, whose name was expanded in 1932 to feature his own name. That's how Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers were born. A major change in production hit Converse shoes with the advent of World War II. At that time, the company began to orient its production towards the army instead of the public. Converse sneakers have been transformed into durable Converse sneakers for soldiers, and a range of other equipment has been added to the range, including protective clothing. After the war, production returned back on track and the traditional Converse canvas sneakers were once again being shipped to their eager customers. Converse sneakers and basketball Many Chuck Taylor fans will be surprised to find out that converse shoes were originally designed as a shoe for basketball players above all else. And indeed, for a long time, Converse ranked as the most popular basketball shoes. Over time, Chuck Taylor was replaced on the court by his successors, but Converse shoes still enjoyed popularity. Even the legendary Michael Jordan wore them. With the onset of heavy competition at the end of the 20th century, Converse sneakers began to disappear from the courts. Instead, they experienced a big boom between rockers and the punk subculture, but even the music scene could not prevent the fall that was looming on the horizon for Converse. However, Nike rushed to the aid of the drowning legend, buying the company and in so doing pulling the brand up from the bottom it had hit. Why buy Converse shoes and clothing at Footshop? You will find all the well-known models such as All Star, One Star, Chuck Taylor and others in low and high options, both for men and women. We offer Converse clothing in various colour options, whether you are looking for white, black, red or any colour of the rainbow. In addition, you will find some of them at a special discount rate. You can also style your sneakers with clothes and accessories. T-shirts, sweatshirts and pants are all waiting for you. So get the legendary Converse for your clothing or shoe collection with us, where you can rest assured of the quality. At Footshop.

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