adidas Superstar

They’re almost everywhere, but not everyone sees the rich history behind the adidas Superstar sneakers when they look at them. The adidas Superstar sneakers are a cult silhouette with a long tradition. And it’s not just some cliché in this case. Even though the adidas Soupercourt or the adidas Falcon sneakers have been a competition to Superstars in the past years, which is only good for the three stripes, an interest in these sneakers has been on the rise since 2019 and they are still very much sought after. The men’s and women’s adidas Superstar sneakers were created as a PRO model of low-top basketball shoes but you can wear them pretty much everywhere, whether it’s a PE class, a party or a walk with your dog. Check out the adidas Superstar sneakers, some of the most influential sneakers in history, at Footshop.

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