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You will get the best estimate if you look at the length of your insole (do not ever try to measure it, it will not be precise), just take a look at the size chart of any shoe brand you like and find the length in centimetres. You need to take a look at the US sizes in the size chart first and then find the length of the insole accordingly. For example, Vans shoes in a size US 7 have insoles with the length of 25 cm. Other brands may have a different US size attached to a particular length of the insole.

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Carhartt WIP

The company Carhartt, which started with a production of professional workwear in 1989, was founded by Hamilton Carhartt in Detroit. Their main focus at the beginning was to offer the highest quality clothing for workers. Based on the heritage of the company Carhartt, the Carhartt Work in Progress (Carhartt WIP) focuses rather on an inovative way of living while implementing the classic look of this cult-brand.

Carhartt Work in Progress is a symbol for authentic designs of the brand Carharrt, inspired by European city life-style as of 1990.

Most seacherd Size Charts

Carhartt WIP Pásky

Lenght (cm)859095105

Carhartt WIP Joggers

Waist (cm)80869298104110
Lenght (cm)98100103105107110
Ankle (cm)242730333639
Ham width (cm)606366697275

Carhartt WIP Shorts

Hips (cm)41444851
Lenght (cm)48505154
Ham width (cm)33353739

Carhartt WIP Dámské vrchní díly oblečení

Waist (cm)64-6969-7474-7979-84
Chest (cm)79-8485-9091-9697-102
Hips (cm)88-9393-9898-103103-108

Carhartt WIP Kalhoty (bez délky)

Waist (cm)828588909498
Ankle (cm)373838404244
Ham width (cm)565860626670

Carhartt WIP Kraťasy (30-36)

Waist (cm)828588909498
Ham width (cm)565860626670

Carhartt WIP Spodní díly oblečení

Waist (cm)798183858890949888909498
Lenght (cm)107107107107107107107107110110110110
Ankle (cm)353637383840424438404244
Ham width (cm)545557586062667060646670

Carhartt WIP Vrchní díly oblečení

Waist (cm)40-4551-7681-8692-97103-110116-122
Chest (cm)77-8286-9197-102107-112117-122127-132
Hips (cm)77-8286-9197-102107-112117-122127-132

Carhartt WIP Dámské spodní díly oblečení (bez délky)

Waist (cm)61.5 - 6464 - 66.566.5 - 6969 - 71.571.5 - 7474 - 76.576.5 - 7979 - 81.581.5 - 8484 - 86.586.5 - 8989 - 94

Carhartt WIP Camper Pants

Waist (cm)79.5-84.584.5-89.589.5-94.594.5-99.599.5-109.5109.5-114.5

Carhartt WIP Overaly 2

Waist (cm)79.5-84.584.5-89.589.5-94.594.5-99.599.5-109.5109.5-114.5
Hips (cm)80.5-85.585.5-90.590.5-95.595.5-103103-110.5110.5-120.5

Carhartt WIP Overaly

Waist (cm)74.5 - 7777 - 79.579.5 - 8282.5 - 84.584.5 - 8787 - 89.589.5 - 9292 - 94.594.5 - 9797 - 99.599.5 - 104.5104.5 - 109.5109.5 - 114.5
Hips (cm)80.5 - 8383 - 85.585.5 - 8888 - 90.590.5 - 9393 - 95.595.5 - 9898 - 100.5100.5 - 103103 - 105.5105.5 - 110.5110.5 - 115.5115.5 - 120.5

Carhartt WIP kšiltovky

Size (cm)53-5655-5857-60

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