2 + 1 for FREE!

When you choose three items out of the following categories between 7 and 28 February, you get the cheapest one for free - the offer also applies to already discounted products and you can also use it at our stores.

The sun seems to provide you with its warm rays by any minute, but do not be fooled. It's a bit like an Advent calendar. We would like to get all the hot chocolate bits right away, but unlike an Advent calendar, there's a bitter disappointment with the real calendar sometimes (like if you accidentally buy an already used Advent calendar). So do not miss your chance!

You can choose from the following categories:


Special offer rules
- the offer is valid between 7 and 28 February 2018
- 100 % off discount will be applied to the cheapest item in the shopping cart
- the offer can be applied to discounted items, but cannot be combined with any other discount codes
- the offer does not apply to limited editions
- items purchased in this offer and returned, will be refunded via a voucher worth the value of the item

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