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Vans Classic Slip-On 98 DX (Anaheim Factory)


75 € tax incl.

You have a 30 day try on period!
  • Upper : Textile - is a lightweight material, which is offered in a very wide color scale and is mainly used for summer footwear.
  • Midsole : Rubber - a material that is very easy to maintain and you will appreciate it especially in rainy weather.
  • Sole : Wafer - The legendary sole that will never lose touch with the surface. It is especially typical for Vans sneakers.
Vans Classic Slip-on Lite

The Vans Slip-on Lite is a new sophisticated sneaker, which uses modern methods of construction. This has led to a simplification of shoes, an increase in comfort and a reduction to the overall weight of the sneakers. They are available in multiple colourways and patterns.

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Africa from 4 € to 15. July 2019
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Europe from 1 € to 15. July 2019
Oceania from 4 € to 15. July 2019