Occasionally, gaming and fashion reach a seemingly unlikely agreement – for example, Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Fortnite, or the MOSCHINO collection featured in The Sims. The latest installation in the Animal Crossing series, titled New Horizons, which came out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch this March, joins them, albeit with a slight twist.

The basis of the game is fairly simple. You move to Tom Nook’s island, and start transforming it how you see fit. Collecting materials, crafting, travelling to other islands and inviting villagers to live at yours is a major part of the game. While expanding your home, you even rack up quite a debt with Tom Nook. Although the game is for ages 3 and up, the franchise has also gained a massive following among adults, including me.

So how did fashion make its way into Animal Crossing? One of the activities you unlock after completing a certain stage of the game is modifying clothes, which you can buy from the Able Sisters. You can also create your own designs from scratch, wear them and also share them with other players using Nintendo Online. So, naturally, a lot of the user-generated designs feature high-end brands and designer motifs. Let’s take a look at the high fashion world of Animal Crossing – what else would you want to chop wood in other than some SS14 Prada?


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