50 pairs of sneakers in stock and one employee? A lot of things have changed since then. We’re older, more experienced and our sneaker collections are bigger. Much bigger. But sneakers aren’t the only thing we have a ton of at home. We collect loads of things – from flowers to tourist stamps to Lego. Which is something you can now find on our online store.

Everyone played with Lego when they were kids. But when we turned older, it suddenly became less attractive in favour of parties and concerts. I myself recently realized that I miss spending countless hours building and playing with my creations.

Where to put it?

Lego is one of those things that you need in your life without even knowing it. You just unpack, build, and relax. Finally, you place your creation on a shelf where it’ll inevitably start collecting dust, but it’s worth the feeling you get for successfully finishing building it. Also, it can be utilized as an excellent design element – and not only in kids’ rooms.

Lego sneakers? Why not!

If you consider yourself to be manually skilled, try making your favorite silhouette out of Lego.

For example, my Lego collection spent over ten years in my closet. But parts of it are now making their way elsewhere. On my desk, shelves, or the library. Find out for yourself how your old Lego collection can breathe new life into your home environment.