We showed you the final outcome – fifty seconds of video that tell the story of a product, but behind those fifty seconds are hours of planning, shooting and postproduction. Mark Bornemissza, Footshop’s Brand coordinator for Hungaria prepared a video to accompany the ASICS GEL-Kinsei OG silhouette. In this interview, he’ll explain more about the process of making the video.

Where did you search for inspiration for the video?

Mark: I was inspired directly by the release’s motto – “power of balance”. ASICS is a Japanese brand with a great legacy, focusing on comfort and performance, which, in me, immediately evoked the feeling of samurai’s incredible discipline. I imagined the “power of balance” as two polar oposites and set them up against each other. Power can be gained from both positive and negative energy – it’s up to us which type we’re going to use. The boy in the video represents both of these opposites.

What was the shooting like?

M: The whole team was very young. The boys were about 18 to 20 years old, but already they’re very talented. We started shooting on Monday and wrapped up early in the morning on Wednesday. Then there was about half a day of editing. We didn’t get a lot of sleep, I’d say about three, maybe four hours.

Were there any fuckups during the shooting?

M: Well, something always goes wrong, but thankfully it wasn’t anything important. After shooting video for about 20 hours straight we were a bit tired and kind of lost track of the storyline. But a quick break restarted us and we were on the right page in no time. After that, everything went fine.



Director of photography/D.O.P.: Emilio Spiller (@emiliospiller)

Camera Men: Misi Szakcsy (@szakcsmisi), Mátyás Kismartoni (@kismartonim), Ábel Krokovay (@krokoabel)

Edited by: Ábel Krokovay (@krokoabel)

Styling: Szilvi Murányi (@nyarium_vyasil)

Clothes: @footshop@hidegver@batoriginal

Makeup: Eszter Magyar (@esztermagyarmua)

Creative producer: Mark Bornemissza (Footshop) » @whyte_kat

Hero: Ábel Nakada (@nabel_xo)

Special thanks: @itepda@szekelybenedek,@Főnix Kendo, @Ágoston Eszter, @Polónyi Gábor, @Sushi Ocean, @Varga Márton Kertészeti Szakközép


Photo: Emilio Spiller (@emiliospiller)

Model: Ábel Nakada (@nabel_xo)

Styling: Szilvi Murányi (@nyarium_vyasil)

Clothes: Footshop, @hidegver@batoriginal

Makeup: Eszter Magyar (@esztermagyarmua)

Creative concept: Mark Bornemissza (Footshop) » @whyte_kat

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