This post is kind of aimed at two audiences. If you’re a man and like pregnant women, keep reading (and scrolling for some pictures). If you’re a woman and don’t want to even think about pregnancy, go back to the homepage and take a look at some of the content that’s more relevant to you – but if you’re looking forward to being pregnant yourself, welcome! We’ll take a look at a couple outfits tailored for pregnant women that’ll make you look stunning.

Spoiler alert – the following text contains a lot of satire and a subjective view on pregnancy photography.

Let’s start with what you can look forward to when pregnant. For me personally, a big plus was that my skin got clearer and my hair grew thicker. Your breasts getting bigger is arguable – not every one of us wants them to grow even more. But if you’re looking forward to a bigger cleavage, be sure to enjoy this aspect of pregnancy, and don’t forget to take a picture! And I don’t mean cliché pregnancy pictures with pillows and baby socks…

Feeling yourself in a well-fitting outfit (not only) during pregnancy is priceless. Try to choose timeless pieces that you’ll be able to wear even after giving birth – let’s be honest, the extra weight you put on during pregnancy won’t go away just like that. Unless, of course, you belong to the lucky few that easily slim back down by breast-feeding.

Enough talking, check out the pictures of a soon-to-be stylish mom below.

Photo: @razvanfotograv
Styling: @mozar
Production: @ms.opiu
Model: @annais.samir

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