At Footshop we are actively trying to make the planet a better place, and we do this not only in the form of various projects, but also in our work and personal lives. The latest collaboration between adidas and Sean Wotherspoon, called SuperEarth, inspired us to team up with the Salvation Army to make the people they help a little happier. We made patchwork blankets from cuts of fabric, which were given to homeless people, together with respirators and handkerchiefs.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and the weather surprisingly actually felt like spring. The day was April 20, 2021, just a few days after the latest AZ-X series collaboration between adidas and Sean Wotherspoon on the ZX 8000 came out. It’s name – SuperEarth, and patchwork-like look inspired us to work with the Salvation Army in the Czech Republic.

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth. Today, this Christian organization operates in more than 130 countries around the world. The goal of the Salvation Army in the Czech Republic is to support people of all ages. The main group for the Salvation Army are all those who find themselves in a difficult life situation, but also anyone who is seeking any spiritual help or support. 

The SuperEarth sneakers were made in a sustainable way, and we decided to go down that route as well. We took the patchwork method, inspired by the ZX8000 SuperEarth upper, and made blankets from various cuts of fabric. Then, together with the Salvation Army, we handed them over to people in need. In this case, words are not enough. It’s best to see for yourself how it all happened.

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