We all come to Footshop with a unique background, experience, and beliefs. These differences create a colorful environment and a diverse group of people filled with opportunities. We all love sneakers, someone may be more of a Nike kid, while another breathes for his adidas! But, mutual respect binds us. Together, we get to know each other, celebrate who we are, and we are excited about how this diversity enriches us.

We strive to bring together cultures and subcultures, groups and individuals into one big family. We are a platform that wants to inspire the world around us. Behind all this is a great responsibility, not only to our fans but also to the world. We have decided to accept this responsibility in full and to spread what we consider most important – acceptance and respect. We believe that you, our fans, are in on this mission with us, the whole Footshop family, to respect everyone as it is and without prejudice.

“Let’s move the boundaries together and break down the imaginary walls that still limit our company.”

We live in the 21st century, and humanity has already come a long way from injustice to equality. That equality applies to everyone – no matter what sex, gender, religion, race, or our sexual orientation. However, we still encounter an environment that is ruled by intolerance and discrimination against those who do not fit into the “normal” box.

We are clear! Despite the apparent diversity of our thoughts and attitudes, we support and accept the LGBTQ community.

As June, a month announced by the LGBTQ community as the Pride Month, approaches all of our communication channels, we will be fully committed to promoting a tolerant civil society and will set an example for those who are still looking to find their way.
We want our opinions to be reflected in our products as well. Therefore, in support of Pride month, we dyed our t-shirts with rainbow colors. Customers can also find a unique bracelet in each box of Pride shoes expressing our support to all people without distinction. All products that support the community can be found here.

PH/ styling – Lena Luga
Styling – Matthew Nguyen
Hair / make up styling – Eva Jailers Art Concept
Models / casting – New Aliens Agency
Jose, Lucia, Matthew, Babs  

Footshop is an ever-changing medium that connects cultures, sub-cultures, groups, and individuals into one big family whose shared interest is their love for sneakers.