ASICS, the Japanese sports brand, consistently excels in creating timeless dynamic footwear that embodies innovation, craftsmanship, and unique aesthetics.

ASICS has introduced a new addition to its range of footwear—GEL-NYC. This design pays homage to vintage aesthetics while exuding a contemporary charm, boasting both premium quality and visual appeal. Furthermore, the GEL-NYC is crafted using recycled materials, adding an environmentally conscious aspect to its captivating design. With every step, this footwear design elevates your state of mind. ASICS’ Gel-NYC sneaker celebrates its core principle, “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body,” by blending retro running style with a modern lifestyle edge.

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s vintage running heritage, the GEL-NYC sneaker seamlessly combines ASICS’ rich legacy with a contemporary perspective and a keen eye for style. It incorporates elements from various beloved ASICS silhouettes, making the GEL-NYC a composite creation that honors the essence of ASICS.