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Heliot Emil: A burning passion for innovation

HELIOT EMIL COLLECTION If you’d ask me about the most memorable fashion moments of 2023, I’d probably talk about Rihanna’s superbowl performance, Doja Cat’s All-red Ensemble during Paris Couture Week and of course, the model who was literally on fire walking down the runway of Heliot Emil’s Paris show. And it is exactly the third example that should give you a hint what this article is going to be all about. Established in 2017 in the heart of Scandinavia, the futuristic avant-garde brand, Heliot Emil

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Top 5: The best sneakers for Fall 2023

As the leaves start to tumble and the air turns crisper, it can only mean one thing: fall is upon us. And you know what that means – it's time to upgrade your sneaker game for the cozy and stylish season ahead!  Just like the changing leaves, sneaker trends are evolving, and I've got the inside scoop on the hottest kicks that will have you striding through fall with confidence and flair. Whether you're a sneakerhead, a street-style aficionado, or simply someone looking for the perfect blend of comfort a

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Meet AMBUSH® innovative pop art-inspired brand capturing a distinct Tokyo aesthetic

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, one brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and style. AMBUSH®, born from the collaborative vision of graphic designer Yoon Ahn and Japanese rapper Verbal, has taken the fashion industry by storm. We're super stoked to introduce this game-changing brand to the Footshop family, and trust us, you're in for a treat! AMBUSH COLLECTION The Creative Power Couple AMBUSH® is the creation of Yoon Ahn and Verbal, a dynamic duo that has left

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Art Space: Jan Heres on his inspiration and experiences in Indonesia.

In the art world, some dare to cross boundaries, challenge norms, and paint life in its most vibrant colors. Come immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Prague-based artist Jan Heres, whose remarkable works serve as a tribute to the LGBTQ community and an ode to individuality. As Pride Week takes center stage in Prague, Jan's art finds particular resonance, blending vibrant colors and expressive motifs to spark discussions about identity and self-presentation. In this exclusive interview, learn more

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Celebrating Love, Diversity, and Equality: Footshop x adidas Pride Event Recap

On the vibrant and momentous day of August 12th, Footshop, in collaboration with adidas, united in celebration of Pride Week, and what a celebration it was! With the lively energy of the Prague Parade infusing the air, our event took on a special significance, serving as a joyful homage to love, diversity, and equality. Unlocking Beauty with MAC Cosmetics Adding an extra touch of magic, we had the incredible makeup artists from MAC Cosmetics join us. Their artistry transformed faces into canvases of

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Unveiling Footshop’s Game-Changing App: Your Ultimate Style Companion

We're thrilled to announce a monumental leap forward for Footshop with the launch of our brand new app – a true game-changer that's set to redefine your shopping experience and keep you at the forefront of style trends. This app isn't just a step forward; it's a giant leap into the future of fashion and sneaker shopping. Stay Ahead of the Curve with Influencer Inspiration Get ready to dive headfirst into a world of inspiration, guided by your favorite influencers. Our app's ingenious "inspirations sl

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adidas Basketball Chapter III: A moder fusion of style and performance

Introducing the new adidas Basketball collection: Where style meets performance on the court! In basketball, style is almost as important as performance, and this season, adidas is balling hard with a range that fuses sleek design with top-quality materials. From the streets to the stadiums, this collection is a testament to adidas' dedication to innovation and excellence. So gear up and get ready to elevate your game with the latest adidas Basketball collection, because when you look good, you play even b

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Asics GT-2160™: Where Nostalgia Meets Futuristic Flair

The Asics GT-2160™ is a stunning blend of vintage charm and modern innovation, paying homage to the iconic GT-2000™ series from the early 2010s. With sleek aesthetics and advanced features like GEL™ technology and sustainable materials, this sneaker captivates sneaker enthusiasts and style lovers alike Drawing Inspiration from the Past Inspired by the revered GT-2000™ series, the GT-2160™ embraces the sleek design and wavy forefoot sculpting, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the early 2010s. E

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The Story of Utopia: How Did Travis Scott Get From Houston to Pyramids of Giza?

When songs like Goosebumps or Sicko Mode everyone gets hyped. And no wonder to that - Jacques Berman Webster II, better known as Travis Scott is the true definition of a modern rock star which has been taking the music scene by storm during the last few years. Coming from Huston, slowly building his career to the point where almost everyone in the world talks about his upcoming project “Utopia” and about the much awaited concert that will take place next to the pyramids of Giza. But how did Travis build su

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Modern retro: the adidas Rivalry sneakers are back in the game with a fresh new look

The three stripes have been innovating in a variety of areas for decades, focusing on advancements in basketball and running shoes in recent years. Despite this, the brand continues to revisit its past, reworking retro silhouettes like the adidas Rivalry and briging them back in special and modern designs. The basketball classic has been given a new look this time around and comes in "Core Black" and "Chalk White" colorways. The new versions of the Rivalry sneakers in both Hi and Lo versions feature pre

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Art Space: Maxim Stano on his approach to photography.

Art returns to the Footshop Na Příkopě store and to our blog with the renewed Art Space series, through which we bring you interviews with the artists behind the exhibited works. This time we spoke to Maxim Stan, a Prague-based photographer who captures his nocturnal journeys through the capital. How did it come about that your photos are on display at Footshop today? So a friend of mine from Chemistry Gallery approached me to see if I would like to exhibit my photos in Footshop. And I thought, actua

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adidas “t-toe” collection takes the world by storm! Take a look at one of our coolest campaign

adidas Samba, Gazelle, and Campus - three legendary silhouettes that have recently been experiencing their renaissance and can be seen everywhere on TikTok or at Fashion Week shows. Samba was originally designed as football footwear, which became popular among both football players and fans. Gazelle was initially intended for athletics, specifically for training and running. Later, it became popular among skateboarders due to its comfort and durability. Campus was originally designed for basketball play

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