Basketball shoes

If there's one sport that has fundamentally influenced the sneaker culture, it's basketball. Basketball shoes are not worn by your idols on the field between the two baskets anymore, they have gotten to the streets over time. So what makes them so popular?Cultural heritage. Basketball culture is simply irreplaceable in the sneaker world. There are stories tied to many pairs, and the rest is just waiting to be written. Maximum cushioning. Basketball is a sport of flying men, and the foundation of a good jump is a good takeoff. If you're going up to the clouds, basketball shoes are a perfect choice. They are sturdy. Whatever the conditions are around you, you don't have to fear for the safety of your ankles, thanks to the characteristic basketball shoe height. Great looks. Basketball shoes have gone to the streets or red carpets straight from the BB courts, and that's why their design is often fine-tuned to the smallest detail.History The first brand that you probably think of when someone says ""basketball shoes"" is Air Jordan under the giant Nike. But did you know that the history of basketball shoes goes much further? For example, the Converse brand and its model Chuck Taylor All Star was first released in 1917, and the shoes became a huge hit among basketball players at the time. The punch line? Basketball shoes simply carry more cultural legacy than it might seem at first sight. Although we have only mentioned two brands, there are so many more with a similarly rich history and incredible background. The best thing to do would be to go check out the category below and pick yourself the best basketball shoes. You'll be surprised to see what can you throw three-pointers in!

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