The adidas UltraBoosts were first released in 2015, and, since then, the silhouette has become one of the most popular running sneakers, while also finding its place in the world of lifestyle shoes and everyday wear. Over the past four years, a wide range of improvements and changes were made on the shoe, but this time it returns in its completely original 1.0 version.

In collaboration with the NiceKicks sneaker store, adidas is releasing the UltraBoosts in a “Woodstock” colorway, which is meant to celebrate the world-famous festival of the same name. The Woodstock music festival first took place in 1969 and would celebrate it’s 50th anniversary this year. The collaboration commemorates the hippie movement and its relation to love, peace and music.

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Photos: @iambarniedotcom
Styling: @ahinaa
Produced by: @whyte_kat
Video: @emiliospiller (D.O.P.) @markmaroti@yung_roneen
Video music by: @kopi.danny
Models: @lilihjd@martonszamos

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