Two models that have helped shape sneaker culture during the past couple of years. Featuring the classic swoosh on the side and a whole bunch of colorways, the question is – which one of them is better? We’re starting a regular segment where we compare two models from the same brand, and the first contestants are the Nike Blazer and Nike Air Vapormax. Our verdict will also be influenced by members of our own Footshop Crew.

First off, a little clarification. In this article, we won’t be diving into the history or detailed descriptions of our contestants. Otherwise, we’d still be here tomorrow, so I decided to take a different approach. This is a purely subjective comparison, and aside from that, I’ve already written articles about Nike Blazer and Nike Air Vapormax on our blog, so when you’re finished here, feel free to check them out.


When I was talking about this comparison specifically with a colleague, he told me that comparing the Blazer and Vapormax models was like apples and oranges. And he was right. Every day is different, and personally, I like to reflect that through my sneakers.

I’ll start with my personal opinion. At the moment, I’m on team Blazer. But not too long ago, I would have 100% picked the Vapormaxes. Why? I kind of stopped doing sports.

The skate vibe and color combinations that the newest Blazers offer is simply more fitting for a Friday evening out with your friends. But the Vapormaxes are more technically proficient – and no wonder, there’s a more than 40 year age gap between the two silhouettes. One is a clean and simple retro silhouette, while the other is a performance model boasting great breathability and an airy midsole that allows movement comparable to walking on clouds.

Now, let’s take a look at what my fellow colleagues think about the sneakers.


Lucie, IT – Team Blazer

Nike Blazer are my favorite sneakers because they fit well with most of my clothes. I’m not cold in the winter because they have a higher sole and they’re made out of leather. They’re very comfy and what I like the most about them is their slightly unkempt tongue.

Honza’s commentary: Lucka said it exactly right, but let me elaborate a little. You’re not cold in the winter, but at the same time, you won’t overcook your feet in the summer. And you can always get the low top version.

Viktor, Marketing – Team both

Nike Air Vapormax  – I remember back in 2017 during Air Max Day in Prague’s Dancing House when the first Platinum Grey/University Red colorway Vapormaxes were released. There was a huge line in front of the raffle. It was one of the lightest sneakers I’ve ever tried on. During the last 7 years, the model got a lot of makeovers, but the combination of functionality and timeless design was always there. And now, you don’t have to stand in line all day to get a pair.

Nike Blazer –  A couple of years ago, when Nike re-released the vintage Mid 77 Blazers, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the first release of the Pacific Blue colorway. The sneakers go well with really anything and you’ll get a compliment from a sneakerhead and someone who’s seeing them for the first time alike. For me, it’s the perfect alternative to Chuck Taylor 70s as well as the more famous (and expensive) Nike Dunks or AJ1s.

Honza’s commentary: Viktor mentioned the legendary Air Max Day that we held for Nike in the Dancing House. An unforgettable event accompanied by the Vapormax release makes the model a source of good memories for a lot of us.

Marton, retail Budapest – Team Vapormax

For me, the Nike Air Vapormax is the top of Nike’s running sneakers. An model that’s extremely cool, light and fancy all at the same time.

Honza’s commentary: Is there even anything to add here?

Pavel, Controlling – Team Vapormax

Vapormax hands down. Walking in them is like walking on clouds.

Honza’s commentary: The fact that this isn’t the first comparison to walking on clouds in the article speaks for itself.

Soňa, Brand – Team Blazer

For me, it’s definitely the Nike Blazers, because they give you skater swag without having to be a skater. They’re universal shoes that go well with anything, simply classic.

Honza’s commentary: Not much to add here, except maybe that skater swag is here to stay, as well as Nike Blazers.

It seems that the score is 3:3 – what we need now is a tiebreaker.


How do you feel about these two sneakers. Based on what you’ve read so far, I’ll try to give you a nudge in the right direction. Do you enjoy movement, put comfort in first place and want to offer your feet the best technology Nike has to offer? Then the Vapormaxes are the shoes for you. If you’re looking for a reliable pair of sneakers that goes well with basically any of your outfits, grab the Blazers. The final decision’s up to you now.

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