In Prague’s Footshop Store, there’s a captivating art exhibit that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s the work of Alexey Shahov, an artist with roots in Kyrgyzstan who now makes his home in the Czech Republic. Shahov’s art takes you on a journey through abstract scenes, inspired by his dreams and the visual world around him. This exhibit, open to everyone for free, offers a peek into Shahov’s creative process, where each piece of art tells a story of transformation and imagination.

A Dreamer’s Canvas

Alexey describes his art as a journey through the subconscious, a melding of abstract thoughts and vivid dreams sketched onto the canvas of reality. Rejecting the replication of the tangible, his work ventures into the realm of abstraction, capturing the essence of dreams where logic fades and feelings reign. Each piece begins as a sketch, sometimes digital, later transforming into larger canvases with a spontaneity that challenges the rigidity of preconceived designs. Influenced by icons like Jean Michel Basquiat, Shahov embraces a process that allows for the organic flow of ideas, much like dreams themselves, constantly evolving and eluding definition.

Roots in Fashion and Self-Discovery

With a background touched by fashion, thanks to his mother’s influence as a designer, Shahov’s artistic journey is interwoven with the world of textiles and design. This early exposure to the creative process has informed his multidisciplinary approach, where art and fashion intersect in a celebration of visual expression. His venture into art, self-taught and driven by an innate visual sensibility, mirrors his broader quest for self-discovery and the pursuit of a unique artistic voice amidst the vast, often challenging landscape of contemporary art.

Influences and Inspirations

From the nostalgic echoes of Western culture films to the personal narratives shaped by his upbringing, Shahov’s inspirations are as diverse as his art. His transition from sketching with his non-dominant hand to embracing paint and spray techniques underscores a journey of experimentation and growth. Works that feature motifs like a girl on a motorbike or the vivid hues of a rainbow spectrum on glasses reflect his playful exploration of themes and his departure from conventional artistic methods.

Fashion as Expression

Beyond the canvas, Shahov harbors a deep appreciation for fashion, viewing it as an extension of personal expression rather than a pursuit of trends. His admiration for artists who seamlessly blend styles and mediums resonates with his approach to art—eclectic, ever-changing, and deeply personal. In his world, fashion and art are not mere forms of visual creativity but avenues for exploring the depths of individual identity and cultural expression.

A Visit to the Dreamscapes

Alexey Shahov’s exhibition at the Footshop Store in Prague is more than a showcase of abstract art; it’s an invitation to explore the interplay of dreams, reality, and the visual stimuli that shape our inner worlds. Free to the public, it offers a rare opportunity to immerse oneself in the unique vision of a dynamic artist whose work defies easy categorization, inviting us to find joy, curiosity, and perhaps a bit of ourselves within the abstract dreamscapes he creates.