In a world where trends are replaced by other trends and fashion is constantly on the move, some things remain unchanged and unshakable. One of these things is friendship. That’s exactly what our latest collection celebrates in collaboration with local skateboarding brand Club de Sport Métronome. A connection that goes deep into the roots of our brands, it reflects the relationship between Roman Lišivka and Peter Hajduček – founders of the brands who are connected by much more than just business.

Roman and Peter’s journey began in their hometown of Košice, Slovakia, where their childhood friendship developed into something lasting and profound. Aristotle’s term “friends of virtue” could not be a more apt description of their unbreakable bond – the type of friendship in which people genuinely care for each other, value who they are, and aim to improve each other’s character and help each other grow. Both recall a deep and lasting bond that began in childhood and continued to develop over time. Roman recalls Peter’s calm nature and how it still serves as an inspiration to him today. Peter remembers how Roman always shared everything he had with him as if he were his brother. Unlike many childhood friendships, their personal bond remained unwavering, even though they were separated by different geographical locations and, as Métronome and Footshop became separate names in the industry, different career paths.

The collection, which bears traces of our shared journeys, the cities we hail from and those we now call home, is a tribute not only to our friendship but also to the great artists and cultural heritage that shaped us. Intriguing screen prints, high-grammage t-shirts and sweatshirts, innovative 3D FTSHP printing, and respect for legends are just some of the elements that make this collection special.

Roman Lišivka, professional skateboarder and owner of the Club de Sport Métronome brand, shared some of the ideas that contributed to the creation of this unique collection with us.

Do you remember your first memory with Peter Hajduček?

“I have a lot of memories with Peter, but I really like to remember when we used to meet before or after school, and we created childhood together. Those were the times of skateboarding, freedom, sharing things with him as if he was my brother, and most importantly, sharing experiences. Those were beautiful, carefree times when we did whatever we wanted, inspired by our older brothers. I feel a strong bond between us that I carry in my heart.”

When did the two of you first have the idea to create the Footshop and Club de Sport Métronome project?

“The idea for a collaboration between Footshop and Métronome came to us some time ago when Peter and I met up a few times and reminisced about our childhood days, which we carry with us from a young age. I felt it would be a good idea to do something cool if the circumstances allowed us. It didn’t take long before we got down to it.”

When did you actually get the idea to start your own brand? 

“I’ve always been into fashion, and as a kid, my mom used to make me T-shirts with skateboard brands printed on them. I remember my friends coming over to our house to get their shirts printed. On the creation of Métronome, I have to mention my friend Marek, who is the co-founder and heart of our brand.”

Which city do you think has the most unique architecture and atmosphere?

“I spent some time in sunny Barcelona. That city really impressed me with its architecture, energy and sense of skateboarding. But I do love Prague.” 

We’re Footshop. We grew up selling skateboarding shoes, we still offer sneakers that you can ride in. What are your favorite shoes that you wear for your everyday sessions? 

“I wear Nike SB Blazer Mid sneakers for skateboarding.”

This collection is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a reminder of the values that unite us and the friendship that persists through all challenges. At Footshop and Club de Sport Métronome, we are proud to present the result of our collaboration, which is as unique as the story behind it. 

We invite you to share the joy of this collection with us. It is now available online, in the mobile app, and in all our brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s celebrate the art of friendship that transcends fashion and shows that some bonds are truly eternal.