The Nightmare Before Christmas was created by probably one of the most original director of our time, Tim Burton, and it’s based on the same-titled story. Although the producers at Disney were slightly afraid of it being controversial, it found its way to viewers all over the world. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the movie.

The movie was made using stop motion, and the animators used Burton’s verses and drawings as a basis.

The Nightmare Before Christmas had the historically biggest budget for an animated puppet movie.

The puppets had five fingers instead of the usual four, and the mouth movements were precisely synchronized with the voice acting.

Jack Skellington’s puppet had over 400 unique heads to express his emotions and facial movements.

Usually, stop-motion movies had 14 frames per second, but The Nightmare Before Christmas used 24, like regular live-action movies.

Tim Burton once said about the movie: ”If I personally had to animate all these puppets by hand, I would probably be in a mental institution now.”

Henry Selick, who took over Burton’s job of directing the movie (and in doing so, landed himself in an occasionally undesirable situation) stated: “Tim laid the egg, but I had to hatch it. He showed up to the studio maybe like five times.”

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Supposedly, Burton got the inspiration during a visit to a shopping mall, where, at the time, they were replacing the Halloween decorations with Christmas ones.

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Výsledek obrázku pro the nightmare before christmas vans
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