What kind of shoes do you like the most, and what kind of shoes are you the most comfortable in?

I´ve always liked sneakers the most – I like Converse, adidas, Nike, but my favorites have always been Vans.

What was the first pair of sneakers that you were really happy about? Did you buy them or get them as some sort of gift?

I remember when I was 13 years old and got my first pair of red Converse sneakers and I was over the moon about them. I know I was the coolest person in school. And when I was 15, when I bought my first Old Skool Vans. 

Which do you prefer when choosing an outfit? Comfort or current trends?

Naturally, I pay attention to trends, but I always have and always will prefer comfort – I wouldn’t wear something I don’t feel comfortable in. I´d rather wear something I feel great in, even if it might not currently be a trend.

Where do you get your inspiration from when fine-tuning your outfits?

As I function in the world of modeling, it’s mainly models. And also my own imagination.

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Photography: @patrikhopjak

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