We’re introducing the sneakers that redefine the line between tradition and the future. The slogan of the FTSHP x Botas sneakers “Say Goodbye to Nostalgia” is not just a slogan; it’s a challenge we take up with Botas to connect the past with the present and step into the future.

The Footshop and Botas collection is not only about sneakers but also about the clash of two worlds – the fusion of the tradition of Czech shoemaking with modern design. The Botas brand is a symbol of local craftsmanship and quality, while Footshop is taking its name beyond the borders of the Czech Republic through brand projects with an international reach. Now, these two brands meet in a completely unique combination. No one in this country has ever been brave enough to produce an entire collection of sneakers of this size in the Czech Republic and ship it all around the world. 

The sneakers from the collaboration between Footshop and Botas come in two versions. The Wave model is built on the foundations of the Botas shoemaking tradition mixed with the artistic perception of the world and the streetwear essence of Footshop. The five color combinations come in muted colors, premium leathers, and significant details such as the deliberately unstitched seams on the heel of the sneaker. The version released in the other five color combinations in Botas stores mirrors the brand’s tradition and presence but with shared branding. Each pair from the Footshop and Botas collaboration is made in the heart of Europe.