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With the goodbye to the last winter collections, we have already fully switched to the fashion of 2023. The first early birds of the clothes created for this year are already online and not only from them but also from the predictions of fashion magazines, the colours of 2023 are clearly visible. I wouldn’t call it a trend. The following colours create a separate category for that word. They are superior to it. I’ll introduce them now and explain why that is.

To begin with, a little discussion on the very meaning of the word trend. It’s not the most popular colour on the streets. It’s been black for years, but you won’t see it on this list. The colours I’m about to introduce are on a whole different level. Their selection is the result of many circumstances – the most talked-about global topics of the moment, the mood of society, the cultural events that have taken place, the most frequent colouring of Instagram feeds, and the emotions we want to radiate in 2023.

If I had to speak generally, the most popular colours capture how people want to appear. How they want to appear is based on, among other things, what’s missing in their lives in the long term. And because the fashion world is still influenced by the covid peripeteia, which involved a travel ban and significantly fewer outdoor adventures, people are still experiencing a nature deficit. They compensate for this not only with the increasingly popular outdoor aesthetic but also with colour, which is in short supply during city life. The overall uniformity in the do’s and don’ts has caused our diverse lives never to be as similar across the board as they were during the two years of the pandemic. This opens the door to wilder colours and a greater desire to stand out. Now, finally, let’s take a look at how this has been reflected in the currently most popular colours.


Dense forests and endless meadows. No colour is more “natural” than green – I don’t mean all shades of green, don’t look for neon in this selection. It’s all about the dark green of the spruce trees covering the mountain ridges and surrounding valleys. Green reflects the places where we are at peace. It is the colour of sustainability, prudence, adventure and harmony with the environment. It sounds a bit esoteric, but just explore the green collections on Footshop and you’ll understand that the effect of this colour is purely rational.


I’m going to follow up green right away with a colour that’s also connected to nature. But in a slightly different way. Thick logs, rough hillsides or even sand dunes are a symbol of more challenging terrain that can be handled quite easily with the right mindset. That mindset is brown. The most popular colour of gorp core, outdoor sneakers and the life that defines overcoming obstacles, whatever they may be.


The sky, the sea, but also a certainty. I’ve probably missed blue the most on sneakers and clothing collections in recent years. But now back in its most beautiful shades. Alongside its endless openness to new sensations, it is paradoxically a symbol of stability and the knowledge that you can trust your judgement. So avoid hesitation and wear certainty.


Finally, I have the hottest thing for you. I talked about stepping out of line at the beginning, and magenta will give you that. This alone is by far the biggest candidate for the colour of the year of all those mentioned, as typing the relevant keywords into a search box will confirm. Magenta is the colour of energy – not uncontrollable rumbling, but energy focused on a specific goal. And if you surround yourself with it, you’ll be much closer to that goal.

And finally, I have to give you a great tip. There’s also an article on the Footshop blog about how to mix colours the right way – so get inspired and become a unique icon of your street.