After a short hiatus, we’re bringing back the On Feet series on the Footshop blog, where you’ll find the best sneakers of the past week photographed as they fit in the real world on the streets of a big city. Basketball silhouettes from New Balance reign supreme this season, but you shouldn’t miss the space-age novelty from Nike or (as always) one of the best price/performance/style ratios from Karhu. So check them out and pick the ones you’ll be shooting on your feet.

New Balance 550

Few sneakers have caused such a stir in the sneaker world as the returning New Balance 550. It’s worth mentioning that their hype was greatly helped by a highly successful collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore, and this low basketball silhouette is still riding the wave to this day. It’s not just the colours, in which the American brand is a total trendsetter, but the overall retro aesthetic and comfort too – I can confirm from several sources, including my own, that the 550 will happily adjust to your foot, which you’ll know within the first week of wear. Choose from a variety of materials and colours on Footshop.

New Balance 650

Having already started with the 550, I can’t continue with any other than their bigger sibling, the New Balance 650. These sneakers are a little more basketball-like in appearance – if you’re really planning to dominate the space between the two baskets with them, then this is definitely a better choice – and they also bring all the positives in terms of comfort. Summer is coming, and in my opinion, you won’t find many sneakers that go better with shorts than the New Balance 650. And if you’re high-fiving style at the risk of getting your feet a little sweaty, these are the shoes for you.

Nike Air Max 95 WMNS

Now, I’m going to please the ladies in particular, because the best of the new Nike Air Max 95s are only for them and gentlemen with a smaller size (maybe I’ll just cry in this case). The spacesuit-like silver upper that will reflect the sun’s rays and make bling bling on all passersby is one of the most brilliant features of this pair for me. I say one of the most brilliant on purpose because the first place goes to the pull-on system instead of laces, which gives the ninety-fives the outdoor vibe that is currently dominating the sneaker world trends. In short, a great hybrid that shouldn’t be missing in your shoe closet.

Karhu Fusion 2.0

Not only Footshop’s black horse but basically on a global scale, this is the Finnish icon Karhu. A brand that you don’t buy to flex, but because you want to look good, and active, and mostly because of quality. Karhu won’t break easily and will hold your entire outfit together, in addition to itself. Because as I like to say about this brand, whoever wears Karhu always looks good. And that’s at least one reason to explore the spring delivery of this Finnish classic.

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