Recycled sneakers from Footshop tell the story of a man on his travels.
Moving masses and traces of humanity, encounters in time, lines of fate imprinted on Earth, the layering of history in deposits of the past, cycles of evolution in constant motion …
Traces of thoughts stuck on the roads, invisible barefoot touches, the matured matter of our bodies there is now waste in pools of creation.
Why is that machine?
Sprout of tree evolution, limb protruding from the galaxy, random cluster in the nebula of progress, shape in shape …

My work is inspired by a whole range of wastes of the consumer world.
Advertising billboards are the bearing surface for assemblages and colorful graphic compositions.
A series of images Human Footprints is an indelible trace of waste on Earth.
Things unwanted in the accelerating belief of consumption wander their own lives.

They’re not old sneakers glued to canvas and wading through a colorful swamp.
It is not a matured reality revealed by the penetrating light.
It’s not a frame of life.
Isn’t it art?

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