When the French tennis player René Lacoste traveled with his Davis Cup team to Boston in the 1920s, he noticed a crocodile suitcase. He made a bet with his coach, who said he will get him that suitcase if he wins the tournament. None of them knew at the time how much influence will young Lacoste have on fashion and trends in the future.After the end of his career in 1933, Lacoste officially founded the brand of the same name and used an alligator, which was also his nickname, as its logo. Fashion today wouldn't be the same if Lacoste didn't come up with a new T-Shirt style. He added a collar, a few buttons at the neck, short sleeves, and the so-called polo shirt was born.The tennis uniform gradually turned into a trend and went from tennis courts to the streets. Nowadays, you can dress in Lacoste from head to toes, as their pieces come at a good price and quality. Our selection features T-Shirts, pants, hoodies or caps. Get your crocodile outfit now!

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