adidas Human Made

Japanese fashion, or brands originating in the Land of the Rising Sun, hugely inspires the entire fashion industry. This is mainly due to the last decade, when Japanese brands were at the birth of some global trends, which is also the case with Human Made.Behind the Human Made brand, which means ‘created by man’, is the legendary designer Nigo. If his name doesn't ring a bell, then keywords like BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club or Uniqlo might help, as Nigo was either the founder or the creative director of all these brands.But back to the topic. One of the most resonant connections in the world of sneakers is Human Made and NMD. A series of sneakers that set a new trend were behind the success of the adidas NMD model itself, and which sold on secondary markets for amounts that made them one of the most expensive sneakers in the world.Not only sneakers, but also Human Made apparel can now be found online at Footshop. Created by man, worn by you. So which piece will you get first?

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