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Milk/ Milk/ Milk

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  • Upper : Kůže - je snad tím nejlepším materiálem k výrobě obuvi – udržuje si tvar, je prodyšná a tím výčet jejích pozitivních vlastností ani zdaleka nekončí.
  • Sole : Rubber - a material that is very easy to maintain and you will appreciate it especially in rainy weather.
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Rick Owens

Rick Owens, the renowned fashion designer and prince of darkness, as he´s called in the fashion world, gives his ideas not only to his own brand, but also to his other brand called DRKSHDW, aka Dark Shadow. Both brands promise absolute uniqueness and Owens´ reputable style. DRKSHDW differentiates itself in high fashion with its price accessibility while maintaining its above-average quality of all products. Rick Owens perfectly combines worlds of high fashion and your daily need for comfort and fit in his work for DRKSHDW. Treat your wardrobe to a piece by Rick Owens, and get praise from every fashion guru!
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