Since the quarantine started, the distinction between weekdays and the weekend has completely disappeared. RIP to Friday nights in clubs, going out for a beer with your friends and hangovers. Every day is so similar to the next that it doesn’t matter at all what day you decide to have a party. Grab a couple beers, start up your computer and have an online party – with anyone you like and from the comfort of your home.


Monday 19:00. Where do you even host an online party? The most comfortable solution is probably Google Hangouts. It’s free, has unlimited space and also has practical features such as a whiteboard. Other programs worth mentioning are for example or, which also offers a virtual office.


Find a playlist

A good playlist is very important for your home office party. And making a custom specialized one with your friends is very easy. Also, you can check out some of my tips.

Added value

Not everyone is a fan of drinking alcohol. You can liven up your online party with activities like this:

  • Brunch don’t forget the mimosas and the pancakes
  • Cooking you can have a wild sushi party or a competition who’ll cook the best food
  • Costume party I know it’s not Halloween, but why not?
  • A drawing competition
  • “Never have I ever…”the iconic teen drinking game can be held online without any technical difficulties whatsoever.
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If you’re not in a party mood at the moment, check out some of our previous tips and enjoy your Monday with some different activities.

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