If Cardi B herself doesn’t make enough of an impression on you, her precisely manicured nails surely will, especially in the new ad for the vintage Club C silhouette by Reebok. Get ready for a trip to a 90’s-inspired salon, where her nails inconspicuously sneak down her leg to tie her shoelaces.

The Club C silhouette first appeared in the 80’s as a tennis sneaker, before being adopted in the world of streetwear. Its new face is the 26 year old Bronx rapper Cardi B. You can see her in the unconvential ad for the “Nailed It!” collection with curlers in her hair, but what’ll probably grab your attention the most are her nails, that start tying her shoelaces. And of course, the Club C’s themselves.

“Working with Cardi on ‘Nails’, we aimed to create a moment that is authentic to Cardi while breaking convention and doing something more engaging than a typical celebrity cameo,” Reebok senior director of global marketing Inga Stenta said in a statement. “We took a different path, putting her in an everyday-type situation that shifts in an unexpected manner spotlighting the iconic Reeboc Club C in a completely unique way.”

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