There’s a ton of opportunities to gain attention through expressing yourself artistically in Prague. One of them happened on the 22nd of September, and Footshop was on the spot. During one night, several hand-picked artists had the chance to express themselves on iconic Prague buildings, including Tančící dům or the Kotva shopping mall. Kotva became the canvas of David Strauzz, a Canadian painter who has lived in Prague for the last four years. We spent part of the night talking to him.

How would you describe your style?

I focus on semi-abstract portraits that delve into street art. I try to show our way of life through my work.

Why are you specifically painting on the Kotva shopping mall?

I have relatives in the Czech republic, so it was interesting to see a Canadian decorating a Czech historical building. Also, I make large portraits, so it was a suitable choice.

What went through your head when you got this offer?

I immediately started thinking about what I was going to paint, and the first person that came to mind was my sister. She loves fashion, so it seemed like a nice connection. Apart from that, it means a lot to me because my aunt worked there her whole life.

What are the dimensions of the portrait going to be and how much time are you planning to spend on doing it?

It’s going to be be 4×3 metres and I have until 6 AM, so every second is important.

How long will your piece be on display?

I’ll be using permanent colors, so it won’t dissappear that easily. I’ll be using spray paint on a historical building, so there’s a certain overlap with street art. I remember this one quote: „Street life’s harsh, but it can also be sweet“.

Do you need any kind of permit for this?

I do have a permit, but i forgot it in the studio, so I hope the police won’t come.

credits: Marek Záruba

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