These days when almost everything is sustainable and the concept of green-washing is getting as popular, it can get quite hard to keep up with the whole issue. In short, nothing is ever black and white. adidas and Parley have long been setting an example of how sustainable collections should be made. Now they’re introducing six models of sneakers and an extensive adidas Originals by Parley apparel collection that destroys the compromise in the relationship between sustainability and style.

The partnership between adidas and Parley for the Oceans began back in 2015. Its intention was – and still is – a shared effort to bring attention to the issue of marine and ocean pollution, which Parley was already fully committed to at the time. Together with the three stripes, Parley introduced the world to the first-ever sneakers created from waste recovered from the bottom of the sea. In addition, there was an exclusive series of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid jerseys made in the same way the following year.

“Over 8,000,000 tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans in one year. Approximately 10 plastic bottles are used for each pair in the adidas x Parley series.”

Parley for the Oceans is based on the philosophy that there is no magic wand that can solve the problem of ocean pollution. But they believe that everyone can make a big difference through small, systematic steps.


The new collection recognizes the shattering of narratives around what is and isn’t sustainable and returns to the core of the original idea. Focusing on timeless adidas models, it easily recreates them into the most sustainable form possible, using plastics retrieved from the bottom of the seas.

Parley and adidas are also showing that sustainability doesn’t have to be a compromise at the expense of style. Eco-friendly processing is not its opposite, but instead, it can become an equal parameter – where both phenomenons push each other forward.
The new collection brings six pairs to Footshop, most of which are very well-known not only to adidas fans. Specifically, the adidas Superstar, the Forum Mid and Forum Bold, the Stan Smith, and last but not least NMD_R1. From one classic to another, I can also promise you’ll get a matching collection of apparel, which is also made from planet-friendly materials. Most of the essentials you’ll find in the collection on Footshop are sweatshirts, but you can still easily put together a whole sustainable outfit with these.


The adidas x Parley collaborations aren’t the only efforts three stripes use to move toward a plastic-free future. Although it is just at the beginning of its journey, the company has already accomplished several milestones. In addition, the German giant has defined seven principles for itself by which it wants to completely neutralize the environmental impact its production currently produces by 2050.

If you’re interested in the details, there’s a blog post on adidas’ other activities, not just in collaboration with Parley, that expands into the universe. I recommend reading it.

That’s all of today’s reading. Where to now? Ideally, explore the entire collection on the site – now in color.