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It affects us. Everyone. We are all human. We all long for a peaceful and peaceful coexistence not only in Europe. We wish to express our support for those who find themselves in the middle of the new history stage in the war zone. We have therefore decided to help in two ways: to write down as many ways as you can to help yourself in these moments, and we have launched a fundraiser linked to tees expressing support for Ukraine.

How can you help?

There are usefull pieces of information summed up in Time´ s article. We suggest to donate to trustworthy International Committee of the Red Cross, People in Need or find some tips for support in this article.

Our colleagues Richard and Nina have even created Help to Ukraine microsite to help fleeing Ukrainians find shelter and help in several European countries.

The tee that symbolize your support to Ukraine

We, as the Footshop crew, feel obliged to help the victims of the war in Ukraine, we have also decided to hold a fundraiser. But we paired it with tees expressing support for Ukraine. Our shoe dog Kovkou has created two designs that appeal to a peaceful protest against the war. Those tees carry the message: F * ck war because we think it is important to stop the war and not incite hatred.

You can donate by buying a tee for the contribution of 20 EUR, 40 EUR or 80 EUR.

All proceeds from the sale of the tees will go to the transparent account (SOS UKRAJINA – 0093209320/0300) of the Czech humanitarian organization “People in Need“.

This is a pre-order at the moment, so you will pay first so we can operate on the money as soon as possible. Your tee will come to you within 3 weeks of your order. Thank you for helping with us, we appreciate your trust.