Since 2005, the New York brand Supreme has been releasing what they call “Photo Tees,” which have pictures of people on them – for example, Mike Tyson, Gucci Mane, Kate Moss, or even Kermit to name a few. However, this time, it went a little different. Even though Morrissey agreed to do a photoshoot with Supreme’s Terry Richardson and even got paid for it, he didn’t coincide with the T-shirt’s release.

This happened because, in 2015, Supreme used the White Castle logo in one of their collections, and Morrissey is strictly against meat products. When he found out, he called off the release of the T-shirts with his face on it. Supreme offered Morrissey three ways to resolve the situation – a) get the money back from Morrissey, b) redo the photoshoot or c) pick one of the photos they took previously. Since Morrissey ignored Supreme, in 2016, they were released, accompanied by this interesting backstory.