Architecture perfectly demonstrates the uniqueness of Paris. Architects like Le Corbusier helped create the red, blue and yellow Parisian concrete paradise.

The first visual describes Paris’ suburban life, with the colors as well as the architecture.

The second visual is based on the beautiful sunrises and sunsets above Paris, and uses the same colors that appear on the Jordan 7 x PSG.

Iconic Parisian architecture is used in the collages, where modern utopian architecture contrasts with the Grande Arche La Défense, a representative of modern perfectionist architecture, celebrating the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. All threaded together by our silhouette.

The third visual is about football and contains certain elements from the Parc Des Princes stadium, which belongs to the club, PSG. Another architectural highlight. The background of the visual incorporates grass, symbolising the football pitch. The whole visual has a concrete subtext, which brings us back to brutalism architecture and the circle is complete.

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