Here at Footshop, we just received a big batch of Swiss running sneakers that, apart from an incredibly comfortable, patented technology providing the smoothest of movements, also features a surprisingly elegant streetwear aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at On Running.

Everyone bases their opinion on specific sneakers based on something else. Including me, and hollowed out midsoles definitely weren’t my thing. So when I met the On Running sneakers for the first time a couple years ago, I wasn’t particularly excited. But as with everything, to completely understand what’s going on, I needed time, context and more visual material to put this mosaic together and form a bit more relevant opinion.


Being fixated on the same, or very similar models of sneakers over the years, I sometimes think about how complicated it would be to design and draw my own sneaker model. In a way that wouldn’t show my inspirations in the end result, and I’d be able to wear the sneakers with clothes I wear on a daily basis. But I often end up thinking this task would be too much even for Tom Cruise, and I forget about it for the next couple of months. But why am I talking about this? I think that the three friends behind On Running managed this task perfectly. It’s possible that they weren’t even aware of it. Although the boundary between performance and lifestyle is currently very thin, On Running are primarily addictive running sneakers.


The three friends I mentioned are called Caspar Coppetti, Olivier Bernhard and David Allemann. Bernhard was a professional athlete, winning several Ironman contests, and set a new goal after his active career. Create sneakers that would give their owners a splash of sensation with every step. It might sound a bit over the top, and after the 35th kilometer, most people probably don’t care about that, but with time, it became apparent that Olivier’s next goal wasn’t so unrealistic.

In 2011, just 15 months after On Running’s conception, a study from the Swiss federal technological institute (ETH) in Zurich was released, bringing interesting results regarding the influence of sneakers on the human body during performance. The results showed that runners wearing On Running sneakers have a lower pulse and lower blood lactate levels.

The first accomplishments followed soon after. First pages of magazines, expansion to the USA and, for example, Roger Federer – the legendary tennis player became a part of the On team in 2019, aiming to provide a better running experience to the future owners of On Running sneakers.

At Footshop, we love moments when the sneaker market grows and includes new models.

I’ll finish this intro to On Running with a slightly cliché bit of wisdom (that’s relevant in this situation). Life is a journey, not a race. But with the On Running sneakers, you’ll be in first place even if you were walking backwards. Go check them out on our website.

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