Sunglasses and sneakers don’t have very much in common, partly because you wear them on completely opposite parts of your body. Nevertheless, they’re both important parts of your outfit. Vault by Vans teamed up with RETROSUPERFUTURE to find a compromise between these two polar opposites and celebrate streetwear culture.

The premium sunglasses manufacturer RETROSUPERFUTURE entered the streetwear scene in 2007 and in the last 10 years collaborated with brands like A Bathing Ape, Off-White, Pigalle, Carhartt WIP and more.

In their latest collaboration with Vault by Vans, RETROSUPERFUTURE came up with a „face-to-foot color-coded capsule“ collection.

The Vans part of the collection contains two vibrant colorways of the OG Style 43 LX silhouette, while RETROSUPERFUTURE presents transparent sunglasses in the same colors. Both parts of the collection are connected by two long sleeve T-shirts. It’s entirely up to you which color combination you choose.

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