Over a century ago, in 1898, a Finnish company named Karhu, which means bear, started making beer. Although the only thing they have in common with the sneaker brand is their name, I suppose you could crack open a cold one and keep yourself hydrated while sporting in the new Karhu All Around Pack – the brand’s history is closely connected to decathlons for over 100 years now.

Karhu is unparalleled in the ability to profile itself in the best possible ways. The brand’s history closely resembles university fairs, where potential students are enticed with slogans like “you can try anything and figure out what you’re the best at”. Thanks to the local activity in sport, through the years Karhu tried numerous things like hockey equipment and other athletic equipment such as spears and discs for professional athletes. And even though the brand was fairly successful at every one of their ventures, it was their love for sneakers that prevailed in the end. And today, we’re very grateful for that.


Karhu’s newest collection is titled the All Around Pack and features four silhouettes in new colourways. You can experience a retro vibe with the Fusion 2.0, Legacy 96, Aira 95 and Synchron Classic models. Karhu’s advantage is that, however old the model may originally be, the visual side and manufacturing is always up-to-date, and supported by updated technologies at the same time.

The whole collection is available now at Footshop. Check out the All Around Pack editorial and then click the button below, which will lead you to the collection of iconic Finnish sneakers in more than 30 versions.

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