Footshop released yet another collaboration on the 23rd of July. This time we teamed up with Italian brand RETROSUPERFUTURE to create two pairs of sunglasses. The Connection campaign accompanying the release sparked an intense online discussion – read the article to find out more about the collaboration.

Prejudice makes people weaker. Being capable of acceptance does the opposite. A simple idea that, paradoxically, isn’t a given in some parts of our society. We wanted to utilize the Footshop x RETROSUPERFUTURE campaign to point this out with the help of three photographs that show the exact same type of love in three different couples.

The sunglasses are available exclusively online at Footshop in a dark and light colorway featuring the Lira and America models.

Since the very start, Footshop’s goal was to connect cultures, subcultures, groups and individuals into a community anyone can feel welcome in. This can only be achieved with maximum empathy and acceptance – something we should aim for more then just one month in a year.

This is the message we’re spreading right now with the Italian brand RETROSUPERFUTURE. Feel free to try.