In the past years, Footshop has committed itself to creating an environment where everyone can feel good and be accepted. Without difference. To create an environment that doesn’t tolerate any form of discrimination – direct or indirect, verbal or physical.

The anonymity of social media has taught many of us that we can say whatever we please. Insult as we wish. Without consequences. But we can’t. This is also why hate speech is increasingly appearing outside the virtual world. In the spirit of this year’s Pride month, Footshop wants to point out the unifying facts of all similar attacks. They are completely unacceptable in any communication and attack the free identity of the people they are aimed at.

We know about workplace  or institutional discrimination. We support the fact that same-sex couples should have the right to a family life and therefore the right to marry. In today’s society however, another more common form of attack is much less talked about. The frequency of unprovoked insults and attacks, whether online or in person. 

Unjustified hatred is not a free expression of opinion. As we well know, our freedoms end where they attack someone else’s freedoms. Therefore, directly verbally restricting someone else’s freedoms no longer falls within the limits of free speech. Moreover, expressing hatred is nothing but a dead end. Not only is it unacceptable, it also doesn’t serve anybody, only harms people. Such behaviour is completely useless and stupid. 

We should try not to interfere with people’s private lives. Accept people for who they are. Especially when they’re not threatening anyone, doing any harm or restricting anyone. 

Let’s treat others the way we would want to be treated. Do we want to be the target of insults and violence? No. So we should stop insulting and attacking others. The amount of negative energy a single comment can create will affect so many people. Again – completely unnecessarily. 

It should be automatic and natural to treat others this way, unfortunately our society is still far from that state. So let’s try to only express ourselves in meaningful ways. In ways that show our capability to think emphatically and with open minds. Not in ways that only showcase our own limitations and stupidity. In that case, it’s better to not say anything at all. 

Footshop expresses its support for LGBTQ+ people every year, not only during Pride month. If you’re interested in our statements from different years, you can check out last year’s statement, for example.

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