Not all summers are equal. What do I mean by that? Primarily, that you can either spend the hottest season in unbreathable shoes with sweaty feet, or you can choose a pair of stylish breathable sneakers that cushion and support your every step with the thousands of energy capsules that form the Boost active foam technology. If the second option sounds more alluring, then pay attention as I introduce you to the adidas ZX 2K Boost and unrivaled comfort. 

According to the adidas website, the creation of the ZX series was inspired by the feeling of joy and satisfaction with the little things in life.  In this case, the little things are truly little – the microparticles of the Boost material, with which the brand with the three stripes presents the most comfortable sneakers of the last decade. 

In the past, the ZX series were some of adidas’s best running shoes, and while this role has been taken over by other models, comfort, style and a sense of lightness have stayed as the key qualities of the ZX series. The adidas ZX 2K Boost is a perfect example of how the legacy of the past can be reworked for the present, despite how demanding customers are. Thanks to their construction and structure, these sneakers perfectly dampen any impact, and return the energy back to your body. Repeat for every step you make. 

This time, the heel of the silhouette is reinforced by a transparent panel that retains its shape and grants you stability even on rougher terrain. The extremely breathable upper is made of synthetic fibers, which are stronger, more durable than textiles and most importantly quick drying. 

Put it all together and you get a shoe that is perfect both for everyday wear and running or other activities, and also performs amazingly in terms of appearance.  Just check out the photos below. Even in the spirit of simplicity you can create something beautiful. Check it out at Footshop.