New Balance have recently been conquering the streets with their sneakers which no one expected to be so popular. Another pair created by the Boston brand are the New Balance XC-72s. In the past few months, this pair has been released in multiple new collaborations and colorways, recently even more extended by three all new colorways.

Right off the jump, I’ve got to tell you that the colorways are what makes the line really stand out for me. What makes them really untraditional is the way the shoe panels are distributed on the sneaker, however this unconventional roughness of the shoe is accompanied by smooth retro combinations, giving them the perfect balance. New Balance’s thoroughness just shows how serious the company is about their creations, proof of that are the all-new colorways, which you can already find on our website.

“Unconventional roughness of the shoe is accompanied by smooth retro combinations.”

At first glance one might be confused whether the New Balance XC-72 is more suitable for urban environments or for all-terrain use. By now you’ve certainly guessed that they are perfect for both. The top of the shoe is elegant, light and the suede top makes them ideal for social events. The sides of the shoe are covered with hard rubber, making them safer in terrain.

Originally, the XC-72 was inspired by technological optimism and concept cars from the 70’s. So let’s take a look at their most distinctive element, which is rubber. Although the idea of the sole overlapping into the top part of the shoe isn’t completely new in the world of sneakers, it is still a very daring move by New Balance, which resulted in something amazing. It’s as if the concept of a split sole accompanied by the various color motives represents the path into unknown territory – such territory that you can experience both in the city and in nature, which closes our original dilemma.

Excluding the three newest models, I will also show you some of the older releases like last month’s collaboration with END. Mainly, I want to show you how New Balance plays with colors, for which they deserve our applause.