It’s our 10th birthday, and with that in mind, we’re releasing a new collection of apparel. For the FTSHP x Lousy collab, we teamed up with our friend and photographer, who’s been behind many of the lookbooks for our campaigns throughout the past. We built the new collection on the essence of analogue photography. Make 35mm cheap again!

The FTSHP x Lousy collab contains three T-shirts and a hoodie, loosely following up on an older series of T-shirts. But this time, we wanted to put the whole thing onto another level. Our collection celebrates 35mm film, without which there would be no analogue photography. During the past couple of years, with the rising interest in this craft and hobby, we’ve noticed that the costs associated with analogue photography have steeply risen. We want it to be affordable again, and although this project probably won’t change that, we see this in-house production as a necessity.

In the collection, we illustrated this thought by a graphic, featuring a man holding a stack of money in his hand, hoping that it really will get cheaper. All the products were made in accordance with our latest Footshop Essentials collections – featuring higher quality materials and nicely-fitting cuts. So come be a part of our movement to make this way of documenting our experiences affordable. Make 35mm cheap again!

Also regarding our anniversary, we’ve prepared a special interview with our founder and current CEO Peti Hajduček – you can check it out here.