Rudy’s from Soul, South Korea. Along with his younger brother, he is a visual artist, but his main field of interest are sneakers, which he not only collects, but also deconstructs. Without a second of hesitation, Rudy Lim will disassemble your Travis Scott Jordans and create a unique sculpture out of them.

Although you may consider it an art form, when Rudy aka Rudyindahouse started deconstructing sneakers, he didn’t consider it to be a way to artistically express himself. „When people first started calling me an artist, i was just like, what? I’m an artist?“ Primarily, Rudy deconstructs Nikes (more specifically, the ones with the swoosh on them) – he can expertly pick any sneaker apart and then, using glue and wires, arrange it into a statue that resembles what a sneaker might look like if it were to explode.

Although Rudy is mainly recognized in Asia, he also has quite a following in Europe – this January he visited Milan to participate in the White Street Market, and right after that, he had a small pop-up in Paris.

His next stop is Prague, where he’ll participate in the 5thbirthday celebration of Footshop’s first store opening. You can check out his ”floating sculptures” at both of the Prague stores – Na Příkopě 20 and at Vnitroblock. On Saturday, he’ll be doing a live de-construction of the selected model.

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