If someone dared me to say that summer is around the corner without saying summer is around the corner, I’d show them today’s selection of On Feet photos of the latest sneakers from Footshop. This one will be covering the new arrivals perfect for your favorite coffee shop, the outdoors, and the office. Featuring Nike, Salomon, Veja, and the nearly traditional Converse Chuck 70 (in a different style again).


I originally planned to focus only on the light-colored XT-Wings 2, but with outdoor icon Salomon’s current range becoming more confident in streetwear every month, I couldn’t help myself. That’s why I’m also adding photos of the X-Mission 4 Suede model with a contrast sole. Before you do anything else, here’s a word of advice – check out Salomon’s entire range and then continue your search.


The Nike Air Force 1 silhouette is historically the best-selling and most successful sneaker model, released in thousands of different designs since it was first introduced in 1982. The current double release is special – not only because it’s a Quickstrike segment that represents the high-end of the regular releases, but more importantly, it brings the metallic exterior back into play, as well as the strap on the mid version. This symbolizes the return of the tightening strap to the sneaker world.


The latest news is classic Veja with something extra. Classic in the fact that they are once again very aesthetic sneakers, where the choice between colors is a choice between pretty and prettier. You can choose whether it’s going to be an urban sneaker, your first choice for the outdoors, or a new running shoe. Or you can get the whole holy trinity.


As for the On Feet series, it could alternatively be called Converse: Always Different. And the best part is, the icon with the star on the side almost always nails it on one model – the Chuck 70s. This time, it comes in a Utility version that’s more solid compared to the original model, with a slightly higher platform, a midsole that goes all the way to the heel, and transparent plastic protectors on the side. Know any more durable Chucks?