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As far as holiday activities are concerned, this summer will be fairly limited. So if you’re concerned that you might spend the next two months bored out of your mind, we’d like to introduce you to plogging – a combination of cardio exercise and cleaning up our planet.

Plogging originated in Sweden and consists of jogging and collecting trash (“plocka upp” means to pick up in Swedish, hence the name). It was popularized by environmentalist Erik Alhström, who’s been plogging since 2016, and the number of his followers has been steadily growing.

The workout consists of jogging and various body movements, such as squatting, bending and stretching, which alleviates the occasional monotony associated with jogging, burns additional calories and engages muscle groups that would otherwise be relaxed.

Andrea Zahurancová is a member of the local plogging community – check out her results in our themed Earth Day collection.

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