Let’s talk about the products and product lines that make Footshop what it is today – a store that is, among other things, a supplier of exclusive sneakers and clothing for a number of countries. Let’s take it alphabetically, starting with adidas Consortium. You could say that joining them five years ago put us on the global fashion map.

adidas Consortium is the brand’s highest distribution level – globally, only several chosen retailers have access to it. Other members include, for example, Undefeated, Footpatrol and NEIGHBORHOOD. Getting in was the culmination of months-long communication, meetings, and proving that Footshop deserves the spot of adidas’s elite representative in Eastern Europe. What were the entry requirements? A target group, an original approach to selling sneakers, and the store’s cultural relevance in its city.

Here’s what this means for you: the highest quality, and adidas’s most limited collaborations with artists, musicians, brands and stores are at your fingertips.

What does Consortium mean?

I took the following definition from the microsite we released five years ago, when we joined the Consortium – it describes the situation perfectly, and you’ll find out why soon enough.

The word Consortium comes from the Latin word consors, which means partnership. The term consortium describes an agreement or an accord between two parties. Along with a shared vision and values, a consortium sets a common goal and creates room for growth through lots of opportunities for teamwork and collaboration. 

That last part is currently the most significant for us – yup, this fall, you can expect our logo on one of adidas’s releases. Stay tuned.