Footshop has turned into autumnal colors, and that’s how it all started. You can now find many clothing collections online, created for perhaps the most beautiful season of the year but especially shoes. How to choose the best ones? This article will show you which trainers are the best for you this season – whether you’re looking for urban footwear or a reliable pair for tackling tricky mountain trails.

Autumn is unique because it looks completely different everywhere. In fact, the traditional atmosphere of falling leaves isn’t the domain of every country in the world. In some places, it feels more like the end of summer, in others more like the peak of winter. This year, we’ve equipped Footshop to suit everyone with our fall selection – however, and wherever you spend the upcoming months. If you carefully read all the recommendations, you can look forward to wearing a pair from our selection that will define your fall. Because even though we’re separated by place and location, we’re still united by our uniqueness.

This year, we’ve equipped Footshop to suit everyone with our fall selection – however, and wherever you spend the upcoming months.

We’ll go through everything you might be interested in regarding shoes for the harvest season. We’ll talk about fashion trends for the end of the year and gradually move on to footwear according to the occasion. In addition to general advice, I’ll give you specific tips on individual pairs. Whether you’re going outdoors, strolling around town, or looking for one versatile model that can do it all.


When it comes to footwear trends for the most colorful season of the year, we’re increasingly coming across what we’ve also been reporting regularly on the Footshop blog for the last two years. The early twenties belong to the outdoors, and not just in the deep woods. Its influence has been growing for the last seven years – and it was seen everywhere since the beginning of the new decade. Confirmation of this hypothesis was rocketed by the coronavirus pandemic, which caused many people to remove themselves from lockdowns to places outside civilization where suitable clothing was required. Connected to it is the rise of brands like Salomon and Nike ACG.

This trend replaced the ubiquitous fusion of classic streetwear and high-end collections, the imaginary peak still being the Dior collaboration on the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. But it’s not as if designer boots have pushed high fashion out of the game. On the contrary, it has complemented and expanded an already ongoing trend that has brought trail soles to the catwalks of the biggest names in luxury clothing.

But it would be short-sighted to end it with the outdoors. Aside from it, the sneaker world is also seeing the rise of the until recently slightly overlooked noughties aesthetic, with players like adidas and Nike betting on it. And because there’s always an upstream running with the current, there’s no lack of an ongoing tendency to create the best possible sneaker of the future, which goes hand in hand with pushing the boundaries of sneaker technology. This brings us back to the beginning, back to functionality tested in the inhospitable outdoors. Therefore, everything is related and interacts with everything else, even things we wouldn’t put together at first.

We’ve got the types of shoes currently trending behind us, but what about the colors? Since the super popular AJ 1 in collaboration with Travis Scott were released, we’ve seen a majority of browns and earthy tones. Grey, dark green or many palette retro shades are elements that, for example, started the hype around the New Balance brand. At least in part. New Balance is also a brand experiencing one of the best periods in its more than 100-year history, and that’s not the only reason we’ll get back to it a few more times.


Since we’ve already touched on the outdoor and trail sneaker trend in our introduction on trends for fall 2022, we’ll start with it in our first batch of picks. To start, I have to tell you some comforting news related to the trends. If you’re looking for off-road footwear, you’re likely to get a model that is appreciated not only by sneakerheads but also by the editors of the biggest media outlets specializing in streetwear and the sneaker world.

The first brand that shouldn’t escape your radar is the previously mentioned Salomon and its footwear division Salomon Advanced. The first reports about the unfulfilled potential of this brand started to appear back in 2018. Since then, Salomon has adapted itself as the number one choice not only for trail running but also for activities related to uneven surfaces in general. The biggest draw is the XT-4 and XT-6 silhouettes, which offer a breathable upper or a unique lace-up system that means you won’t have to deal with untied laces when you’re running from a bear. Plus, the Salomons protect you from slipping with a patented Contagrip outsole.

Hoka One One, a recent running hit, and Reebok are also sending their outdoor models this year. It is the American brand that has once again upgraded its flagship to the wilderness in 2022 in the form of the Reebok Zig Kinetica. The result? The Zig Kinetica 2.5 enjoys equal, if not greater popularity than its predecessors. I also have to recommend this year’s new release from The North Face, represented in the footwear segment by the Vectiv Traval Peak.

Oh, and traditionally, we can’t forget the outdoor segments of the biggest sneaker giants like adidas and Nike. The Swoosh is once again expanding its range of models from the Nike ACG division, led by the Nike Air Mada, which I’ll tell you more about in the versatile fall sneaker section. This is actually no surprise since the name of this sub-brand stands for all-conditions gear. And if you can’t get enough of the three stripes and their extremely comfortable Boost technology, then make sure to check out the adidas Terrex division. This is full of sneakers that, in addition to the waterproof Gore-Tex surface and reliable Continental sole, will give you perfect cushioning in the form of millions of active microparticles. And the trio of greats is rounded off by the Vans MTE, which is a great fall choice for those who don’t give up on the iconic Vans models even in the worst weather.


If I told you that all of the models mentioned in the previous chapter are also a great choice for the streets of a big city preparing for winter, I’d be right, but I’d also be denying you of a lot of pieces that aren’t entirely suited to rock climbing.

I’ll start with the classics. Because after summer, you finally don’t have to worry about sweaty feet, and you can reach for the sneakers you love the most. For half the world, that’s the best-selling sneaker in history, the Nike Air Force 1, which comes in lots of versions this year, including anniversary releases with a cleaning brush alongside the shoes. This is especially perfect for cold and rainy weather. Alongside the most successful model, we also have the most successful Nike Air Max product line. The legend with the cushioning air capsule is currently on Footshop online in more than 100 different versions.

Mid and ankle versions of the sneaker are making a big comeback during times of falling leaves and shorter days. Following on from the Air Forces, I have to mention the Nike Blazer silhouette – the leather upper is really easy to clean so you can have fresh sneakers even the day after a mudbath.

Although it would have been deserved earlier, the Converse brand is now getting the word out for the first time. The brand has been continually trying to improve its offer with various upgrades to the legendary Chuck Taylor sneakers for the last 5 years, which I’m excited about and the public as well. Not to be misunderstood, the classic form of the Chuck Taylor 70 is a great choice for the city for the harvest season. You have an almost endless amount of colorways to choose from too. But the move has brought to the market, for example, the Run Star series, symbolized by the exceptionally ridged sole. Are these the best women’s fall sneakers for the city? The numbers say they’re at least in the top three. It’s up to you to put them at the very top.

Following on from the section where I explained the fall shoe trends of 2022, I now had to get to New Balance. The American icon has bet on an aesthetic that, especially in collaboration with Aimé Leon Dore, has sent it to the front pages of fashion magazines. And this bet is paying off because I dare say that the earthy colors are what New Balance can combine best of all competitors and should definitely not be missing from your urban rotation this season.

The earthy colors are what New Balance can combine best of all competitors and should definitely not be missing from your urban rotation this season

Not to be missed, not to be missed… I know! Fall + city = Dr. Martens. But I’ll get to him in the ankle sneaker section.


There have been many attempts recently to create a universal sneaker in which a person could play sports, walk, flex and dance regardless of the conditions. We, part of the Footshop Crew, recently tested a new product from Nike ACG called the Air Mada, which by the very nature of the segment’s name, created for all conditions, should work in all conditions too. We’ve taken the Air Mada sneakers to soccer, woods, coffee shop, snow, and the Maldives. And while it may be harder to trust us when our goal is to sell these shoes, I can tell you in good conscience that the shoes passed the ultimate test.

We’ve taken the Air Mada sneakers to soccer, woods, coffee shop, snow, and the Maldives

I don’t want to repeat myself too much, but the versatile models, which will take you to the highest mountain peaks in your country as well as the catwalks at Fashion Week, are telling the current state of sneaker trends. Salomon, Nike ACG, or adidas Terrex are all keywords made for the streets of the twenty-first century as well as weekend escapes from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.

If you don’t have tree-climbing ambitions and you’re just looking for an autumnal everyday urban shoe that you can also walk the dog in, I’ve got a tip for you. Check out the dark version of the classic city sneaker. The kind that won’t show every smudge, but still looks presentable and simply cool. I’m thinking of this colorway of the adidas Streetball II or the New Balance 5740.


The biggest running hits of the last few months are undoubtedly two particular names. The Swiss star On and the French brand Hoka One One surprisingly have only been on the market since 2009. Why? Because, especially in the US, it rolls its competitors who struggle to match its comfort, breathability, and complex technological processing that runners appreciate over long and short distances. For running in rainy weather, I’d recommend reaching for a darker color and sneakers with a sole that won’t just get damaged by wetness.

Running sneakers for fall differ from those for other seasons mostly in color. Otherwise, we don’t usually see many differences. The change comes only in the field of outdoor running in fall, for which I am again mobilizing the section of trail sneakers like Salomon or Nike ACG. There you’ll find the right partners for tackling more challenging surfaces.


Those uncovered ankles, you’ll catch a cold! If you didn’t catch this comment from your mom, grandma, or as part of your friends’ silly comments, I’m telling you now. Seriously, the cold spreads to the body from your feet, so with lower temperatures around the corner, it’s time to bet on ankle shoes. You can reach for the “high” or “mid” versions of the classic summer sneakers, or tall and usually more durable boots. The ones we leave in the shoe closet over the summer, because you can often fall victim to self-boiling in them.

A half-century-old classic is the Dr. Martens brand for autumn weather. Iconic thanks to its association with various subcultures from the history of the British Isles, but also thanks to the elements that will accompany it unchanged until 2022. Yellow stitching, a loop on the achilles for better putting on, a very hard midsole and sole, and a piece of culture that will last you for the next few years. What’s more, it’ll feel better and better thanks to a gradual break-in.

The same is the case with Timberland, a brand for which the best season is starting these months. Timberland’s most famous boot, the 6 In, perhaps needs no introduction. Soft premium leather with smooth padding in the ankle area. I’m starting an incredible seventh season with mine, which despite initially high expectations, has exceeded even my wildest dreams. But feet back on the ground. These are the fall boots that will last you until spring.

Finally, let’s leave the classic ankle boots behind and take a look at sneakers. Of these, I need to recommend the high-top versions of the adidas Forum, the Nike Air Force 1, or the returning Nike Air Presto Mid. It’s the last mentioned Nikes that are a great combination of functionality and reliability, and you can now find them online in gorgeous fall colors.


For the very end, I’m sending you to our fall shoes category, where you’ll find all the pairs mentioned in one place so you can make a perfect choice. I hope you now know how to choose your fall shoes and I wish you luck in snagging them✌️


Finally, one more important piece of information. We’ve just stocked up on Footshop with a great range of fall clothing collections that will complete your footwear perfectly. And that’s whether you’re looking for the right outfit for the city or the outdoor surprises. Check them out now so you don’t miss out on your size.

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